sales products

1. Mina is delivering European products to Asia. Please have a look on products delivered by us. If you want to get a quotation, please send us an inquiry.

2. Also, we can help you with Asian products for your production or sales program. Please send us an inquiry.

As os now the follwing products are in our program.


A. servo motors and drives: introduction

- motors: EMB, EMG, EMJ, EML

- drives: EDB, EDBC, EDBC2, EDC, data sheet

- drives PRONET: Pronet, Pronet2, Pronet 15kw, data sheet

- certificates: certificates

B. Reflector

- Reflector


C. hardware technologie:

PCB board

- motion controller

- DAQ control board

- portable digital measurement system


D. elektric

- copper cable, plate, bar