Mina Trade was founded by Dr. Kang Soonhee.

Born in Busan, South Korea, Dr. Kang studied mechanical engineering at Busan National University. He later emigrated to Vienna, Austria where he continued his studies at the TU-Wien in mechanical and industrial engineering, obtaining his Master’s and Doctorate degrees. The new industrial control concept of the JIT-bumper, developed in his dissertation, is registered with the Austrian patent agency. (link to the first page of the patent)

After completing his studies he gained a great deal of professional experience in a wide range of industry. Notably, he worked for a number of years with a world-leading company producing plastic injection-moulding machines as international sales project manager, responsible for all offers from incoming orders up to the final delivery of the machines.

He then moved on to the R&D department of a manufacturing company of motor-gear transmissions in Lower-Austria for 1 year and gained experience in the areas of quality control and production.

He worked with Bombardier Transportation, the world’s leading railway vehicle manufacturer, where, for the past 2 and half years, he has been responsible for vehicle dynamics. For another two yeas as a project-leader with the company, he had applied for 3 patents, of which two have just been published. (link to the Austrian patent agency)

Our aim is to use our wide knowledge and experience to enable your products to become market-leaders in Europe.

Furthermore we offer European products in Asian market, specially in Korean, Japanese and Chinese markets.